Approved Items for Purchase
New lamp posts and fixtures are available now for pre-order from the Community Center.  Total cost is only $290!
We have been searching for a low maintenance replacement for the previously custom lamp and post for some time.  The goal was to reduce the expense to the homeowner, while providing a fixture that is attractive and easy to keep in stock.
The new post is made with recycled plastic and has a twelve year warranty.  No paint needed (paint is NOT approved for the new post).  We have also replaced the photo-sensor with a soft-white LED bulb with a senor built-in. Replacement is now as easy as changing a light-bulb!
Best of all, we are able to use our buying power to negotiate the best price possible for residents, saving residents over $360 versus the previous post and fixture.
Please call the Community Center at 724-625-3500, to reserve a new lamp and post.  Negotiated price can't be guaranteed after our initial large order.  Delivery is expected later Fall, 2019.  Installation is not included, but the front desk should be able to recommend a third-party installer.    Previously approved lamp posts and fixtures that are in good working order are not required to be replaced.
Only these approved mailboxes and lamp posts are permitted for new installs at Treesdale single-family residences.
Installation instructions are available here.
New Lamp Fixture & mount adapter
$ 105.00
"Sensor" light bulb
$ 10.00
New Lamp Post (composite material - should NOT be painted)
$ 175.00
Previous (wood) style lamp post - not compatible with new lamp fixture
Photo sensor - not compatible with new lamp fixture
Lamp Post Stain
Mailbox Post(composite material)
Mailbox $ 30.00
Mailbox Post Paint
$ 15.00