Strategic Planning
Our Purpose: To Sustain and Enhance Pittsburgh’s Premier Residential Golf

The strategic plan is intended to establish the priorities and goals to guide our community for the next five years, in fulfillment of this purpose.  
Please check this page for the latest news and updates on the strategic planning process.
July, 2019
At the July 16, 2019 annual meeting, an update on our progress was shared and discussed with the community.  A complete review can be downloaded here.
December, 2018
At the December 10, 2018 meeting with neighborhood reps, an update on our progress was shared and discussed with the community.  A complete review can be downloaded here.
May, 2018
At the May 8, 2018 meeting with neighborhood reps, an update on our progress was shared and discussed with the community.  A complete review can be downloaded here.
December, 2017 
Strategic Plan Update & Progress Report
At the December 12, 2017 meeting with neighborhood reps, an update on our progress was shared and discussed with the community.  A complete review can be downloaded here.
July, 2017
Strategic Plan Update & Progress Report
The Board of directors provided an update to the community on progress made thus far on the initiatives identified under the strategic plan.    Significant progress has been made on better resident communications and community engagement, with updates to our Facebook presence, and new events taking place.
Under "Continuous Renewal of Treesdale Assets", we have a number of projects underway, the most visible of which will be the new wood fencing along Warrendale Road, and an updated playground area for South Lakes.
A full review of updated projects, linked to the original strategic plan deliverables, can be downloaded here.
December, 2016
Strategic Plan Finalized
For the first time since the development of Treesdale, the Board of Directors has developed a five year strategic plan for 2017 to 2021.  The strategic plan is the product of hundreds of volunteer hours from neighborhood representatives, residents, and the Directors.  Also, this effort could not have been done without the hard work and contribution of Ed Hochreiter, Commons Manager.  Many thanks to all!  
March 29, 2016
Committee Members
The Board of Directors has announced the following Strategic Planning Committees: 
Capital Reserve Communications
Chair: Rosemary Martinelli (The Landings) Chair: Robin Tino (The Meadows)
Cathy Boyle (East Ridge)
Diego Beltran (Old Orchard)
Tammy Friday (Old Orchard) Amanda Hope (Audubon Hills)
Ann Hynds (South Lake) Frank Semper (Applehill Ct.)
David Calvin (Board member) Linn Noah (Board member)
Peter Lyons (Board member) David Calvin (Board member)
Facilities & Amenities Community Engagement
Chair: Kathleen English (Old Orchard) Chair: Tom Farmar (West Grove)
Kaye Cunningham (South Lake)
Diego Beltran (Old Orchard)
Tom Farmar (West Grove) Kaye Cunningham (South Lake)
Christine Fernandez (Audubon Hills) Christine Fernandez (Audubon Hills)
Jolene Soergel (Four Lakes) Ann Hynds (South Lake)
Kim Marie Anguilli (Board member)
Jolene Soergel (Four Lakes)  
Mark Witouski (Board member)
Frank Semper (Applehill Ct.)  
Janel Kasowski (Board member) Robin Tino (The Meadows)
  Janel Kasowski (Board member)
  Kevin Morrissey (Board member)
Landscaping & Grounds  
Chair: Greg Vitale (Four Lakes)  
Kim Bradley (West Grove)  
Scott Gabriel (West Grove)  
Beth Pohlod (West Grove)  
Lana Zortman  
Kevin Morrissey (Board member)  
Linn Noah (Board member)  
Mark Witouski (Board member)  
A board-led committee on internal governance will also likely be convened later in our strategic planning process.
March 29, 2016
Committees Guidelines Announced
Committees should focus on the high-level needs of the entire community, keeping in mind that recommendations should be:
  • Fiscally responsible
  • Obtainable
  • Sustainable
  • For the good of the majority
Committees should take into account the current state of our community and operations when coming up with recommended strategies for the next five years. The board believes analyzing our Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT analysis) in each subject area can provide focus and direction for the committees.

Committees should conduct their own SWOT analysis as well as discuss any further recommendations they would have to the board for strategic goals or priorities, or recommendations for further research or inquiry. Goals or recommendations should be worded as broadly as possible, rather than focused on a specific implementation. A SWOT analysis and any other recommendations from each committee will be presented by the community representative chairperson and the board facilitator to the entire board on either May 17 or June 21.

The board of directors will work to integrate the input of all the committees into one, coherent, plan.
March 8, 2016
Strategic Planning Process 
The Board of Directors is developing a five-year strategic plan that will be implemented in 2017. We have been meeting since January on laying the foundation for this process.  Please attend the March 8th Quarterly Board Meeting at 7:00 p.m. in the Cider House to learn more.

There are two priorities the BOD would like to fulfill as part of developing the strategic plan:
  1. Each Single Family and Multi-Family Product to have active Neighborhood Representatives.
  2. Neighborhood Representative / Resident participation in strategic planning committees.
The board has identified at a minimum the following committees to aid in the strategic planning
  1. Facilities and Amenities – Buildings, Recreational Areas, Pool, Barnasium, Playgrounds, Parks, Walking Paths, Summer Tents, etc.
  2. Landscaping and Grounds – Common Areas, Landscape, Streetscape, Softscape, Habitat, etc.
  3. Capital Reserve – Capital Reserve Plan, Capital Spend Plan, Dues, etc.
  4. Communications – Community Safety, Community Security, Announcements, Communications (website, emails, social media), etc.
  5. Community Engagement – Programming, Events, Neighborhood Representation, Engagement with the TCA Golf Club, Engagement with Township, Building a Sense of Community, etc.
If you are interested in joining and engaging with TCA Directors on a committee, please email by March 8th or be in attendance at the March 8th Quarterly Board Meeting. The board has discretion on the size of the committees and providing neighborhood representatives a priority seat on the committees.
Feb 13, 2016
Announcement of Strategic Plan  
The Treesdale Community Association Board of Directors invites you to participate in making our Community an even better place to live!  This year marks our 25th Anniversary as Pittsburgh's premier residential golf community.  We are marking the occasion by developing a strategic plan to guide our actions for the next five years.
We are seeking volunteers from every neighborhood to serve as neighborhood representatives and committee members for our strategic plan.
If you are interested in serving as a Neighborhood Rep to the board, please see the information packet, which was sent to all residents with the latest community directory.  Existing reps should re-nominate themselves.  Please reply by February 29th.
If you are able to serve on one of our strategic planning committees, you can simply send an email to, or attend our next quarterly board meeting on Tuesday, March 8th at 7 PM in the Cider House.
We need you to be involved for our community to be successful!